What it's About

I've been doing this for ten years, in business for myself, on contract, full time, part time, off hours, on hours, moonlighting, under the table, over the table, inside out and upside down. I'm a Cape Breton artist who's staying local and refusing to leave the Island the way most of our young folk do.

Web & Graphic Design

Please use the contact page to discuss a contract for your website or another design job. When a job is presented, I will determine a quote based on the work involved. Unless the client changes the terms, that quote will be the final price billed. I bill on delivery of the finished project. I do have a full-time job, so timelines are somewhat stretched, but it's not usually noticeable.


My jewellery is sold as-is; commissions are rare, and each piece I make is unique, with a unique name. However, not everything makes it to the website, so if you see a piece you like that's been sold, contact me to find out if a similar piece is available. Check the Shipping Policiesfor more information.

This Site

As a slightly ADD webdesigner, I of course have frequent redesignitis. This site started off as www.footprints-design.net; I hated that hyphen almost from the first moment it appeared, so finally I ditched it for my own name URL.

Check out some of the incarnations of this site, from the very beginning:






2005 (didn't even make it live before I changed it again!)

2005 (current)

This current version is based on some fabric which was featured in a treasured crazy quilt my grandmother made, I'm assuming back in the seventies.

I have a very precious, tenuous link with my grandmother. She died when I was 12 or 13 (I'm bad with my ages and events, but I was in grade 7), but I have inherited many of her passions, such as reading, writing, learning, and art. She's who taught me to knit; I have her oil painting kit; I'm working on a project where I am scanning pieces of her journals which speak to me, and which, as I read them, made me wish my granny was alive, and my age, and my friend. I want to know her.

Ooh, tangent. One of these tenuous links I have is this fabric. I have a distinct memory of her giving me some fabrics from her bag in the elf-sized closet upstairs; I have a wooden box, the bottom of which I covered in the fabric. I have very few concrete memories, and the rarity makes it even more special.

When my grandfather died a few years ago, I requested to have his ties in order to make something, like a skirt perhaps. Lots of the ties are older than I am, and they're just fantastic. Instead of a skirt, I thought about a crazy quilt, which was too much work so instead, I settled on a crazy-quilted purse. I asked my aunt if she had any of granny's old fabrics lying around, and she did! (You can see the ties there, too.) (This is turning into a saga.) Inside the bag of fabrics were several pieces of this psychadelic, black-based, colourful circle-y fabric which I'd always loved. I recall sitting with the fabrics spread around me, in total awe of remembering the patterns, and feeling so close to my grandmother; it was really inspiring.

A couple of months ago, I was spending time at my cousin's house, and she allowed me to take many photos of the precious crazy quilt, of which she is the current caretaker. From those photos, I vector-traced the various circle patterns, chose the prominent colours, made a few of my own patterns, and finally rearranged the circles into the site you see now. I think it's so, so pretty. I don't know who the original artist of this fabric was; I hope I'm not violating any copyright issues; if you know of the fabric's designer, please tell me!

Here's my grandmother's crazy quilt (click for larger):

And a close-up:

Close-up of the purse. The sunburst-type piece of the fabric in discussion is part of the piece I remember receiving from my granny; it's featured on the front flap of the purse.