Selected Samples

A business card for a bellydancer friend. She's low on funds, so she wanted a Black and White card she could print herself and colour over with watercolours.

A half-page ad in an educational periodical for the company I work for.


Our digital holiday card, drawn in Adobe Illustrator.

The front cover, a sample spread, and back cover of a 28-page brochure I designed to promote our company's diploma programs.



The website based on a poster for a contest sponsored by my company.


A sample website navigation system I designed for the company i work for; we ended up choosing a different design of mine in the end, but this one still appeals to me.


  The official logo for Tacendia, the game in development for which I'm Senior Artist and sometime webdesigner; also an alternate logo.

The NSNDP's magazine, called The New Democrat.


My friend wanted a logo for his new business.

The parent company under which I work had this logo when I arrived. It was terrible. I convinced them to let me try and make it better.

  ...and this is what I came up with. An improvement, don't you think?

One of our sister companies. My boss would not accept symbolism of any kind, and my pretty representations of a jetboat, all slung-back and fast-looking, just wouldn't cut it. Le sigh.


I still really prefer one of these.


These nine images are posters I created for the Maple Flavoured Women project.

The Grads Martha Munger Black
Adrienne Clarkson
Marie Casgrain Jeanne Sauve
Helen Creighton
Victoria Calihoo Ethel Stark
Chantal Petitclerc  
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