Selected Samples

Back when I had the time, I was the web design associate, officially called a "webmagician," at Absolute Design, a stellar local graphic design company.

Another Cape Breton jeweller, Getbent Designs was an amazingly fun site to work on. CSS and XHTML plus a stellar back end make it easy to maintain, too.

The newest incarnation of the main website for my 9-5 job. This site was my first major site using strictly CSS layout and the newest web standards, and I'm very proud of it.

Fellow jewellery-artist Laura Moore needed a website to show her international clientele. The Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design and I made sure she got one!

I've done a little bit of jewellery work with David over at AmberWorks. He's still running the original site design I did for him a while ago.

Also see my Complete List of Clients, listing every site that's ever been live on the web since my start in early 1996.