Beach Glass Jewellery

Beach glass, or "sea glass", is glass that's been pitched into the sea and tumbled around for dozens, or hundreds, of years. The salt, sand and rocks work to break down the porous outside edges of the glass, smoothing it and creating its distinctive "etched" look.

Beach glass has become a gemstone in its own right, and the various colours are beautiful when set into jewellery. One of the best parts about beach glass is knowing that it came right from the ocean - so I only use local beach glass that I've picked up myself in and around Cape Breton, so that I can verify its authenticity.

Beach Glass Colour Chart

My beach glass pieces are priced due to rarity value.A few pendants are pictured below, but of course every one will be entirely different.

Citron Beach Glass Pendant

Teal Beach Glass Pendant

In addition to beach glass, I will often create jewellery from other beachcombed materials I find in my travels, including naturally tumbled limestone and genuine Cape Breton coal. I call this line my Ocean Harvest line.

Cape Breton Coal Pendant

Cape Breton Coal Pendant

Cape Breton Coal Pendant

Ocean Harvest

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